13/april/2022 PTI Peshawar Jalsa

13/April/2022 PTI Peshawar Jalsa

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Former Prime Minister Imran Khan thanked the supporters of Pakistan who attended the 13/April/2022 PTI Peshawar Jalsa. He said that the people of Pakistan are united. Also, he spoke about the incident regarding the no-confidence motion. Imran Khan asked the court what was wrong with me that you opened the door in the middle of the night.


13/April/2022 PTI Peshawar Jalsa

13/april/2022 PTI Peshawar Jalsa

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan admired Ali Muhammad for his speech in the National Assembly and Qasim Suri who permitted the abrogation of a no-confidence motion petition that was initiated with the help of a foreign conspiracy. Remember that a person violating the rules and regulations or conspires against the constitution shall be considered guilty of high treason and sedition. 

The rally was attended by Foreign minister Shah Mehmood Quraishi, Interior minister Sheikh Rasheed, Defence minister Pervaiz Khattak, Cheif Minister of KPK Mehmood Khan, Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri, and others. Every minister shared their words to spread the truth to build support.

On 13/April/2022 PTI Peshawar jalsa, Sheikh Rashid claims that this is one of the largest rallies in history. During Imran Khan’s speech, a huge crowd was seen in Peshawar.

Imran Khan’s speech during jalsa 2022

Imran Khan started his speech with the name ALLAH. Said, He thanked everyone for the loving support and protocol given to Imran Khan. He says whenever the Prime Minister of Pakistan was ousted, people would celebrate. But, this time when I got ousted, I saw the people of Pakistan protesting. It shows who is in the right direction. He further thanked the nation for going out on the road to protest against the imported government. Remember that majority of the people are against the imported government and the current situation in Pakistan. So, 4-5 days have passed since a tweet on Twitter “#امپورٹڈ_حکومت_نامنظور” is leading on Twitter. 

On 13/April/2022 PTI Peshawar Jalsa, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that you have become united and fully condemned the imported government. In addition, he praised the nation for raising its voice across the country on Sunday. He urged his people to decide whether to be enslaved or to be free. He further said that every one of them belonging to the Sharif political family is indebted. Foreign countries tried to discredit our nation. We will certainly not accept these traitors.

Imran Khan’s Announcements During His Speech

Imran Khan announced the next two rallies which will be held at Minar Pakistan in Lahore on Thursday and the second on Saturday in Karachi. He gave a message that they should not lose energy and continue protesting till they are forced to start elections. Imran Khan said that how can a person who is guilty of corruption of Rs. 4000 crore become the Prime Minister.

on 13/April/2022, Imran Khan warned everyone to listen carefully. This is not the Pakistan of 1970 where the US conspired against Zulfiqar Bhutto and ousted him. Today, The Pakistani people have become conscious and alert. This is the Pakistan of social media where we have 60 million cell phones. No one has the courage to silence them. Imran Khan addressed the judges of the court in his speech and said I have spent time in jail without doing anything wrong because of you. Everyone knows that I have never violated the law.

on 13/April/2022 PTI Peshawar Jalsa, Imran Khan said that I have never fixed a single match in my cricket career, I have not violated the rules and regulations in my political career, and also that no one has proved corruption because he never did.


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