Back Tuesday Workout in the Gym

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Most of the trainers do suggest a back Tuesday workout in the gym on Tuesday after completing the Monday plan. People show interest in a back workout to have the best V-shape back, cuts, and muscle growth. It might be a little more painful and difficult as compared to a chest workout (Monday plan). But, it could be very impressive and effective too.

Back Tuesday Workout in the Gym

Back Tuesday Workout in the Gym

Today, we will have a look at some essential and basic back workout plan which leads to better improvement. 

Lat Pull Down (3 sets of 12 Reps)

·         Lat pull-down is the first exercise after done with the warm-up to be ready for

·         Sit on the bench connected to the cable wire rod.

·         Straight up both your arms, grab the rod end-end according to the size of your back

·         Pull it down slowly close to your shoulder

·         Repeat it until you complete 12 repetitions of 3 sets.

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One Arm Row (6 sets of 10 Reps)

·         Bend your knee on the bench and put one hand on top of the bench to make sure in the perfect position.

·         Grab the dumbbell in your hand while bending your arm

·         Squeeze in an upward position and relax leaving it in its normal position where you began your exercise.

Reverse Grip Pull Down (3 sets of 12 Reps)

·         Unlike Lat pull down, this exercise is done using a reverse grip holding the rod

·         Sit on the bench using the same equipment you normally use for the Lat pull-down exercise

·         Hold the rod using both hands pull it down nice and slow, squeeze and relax.

For Back Workout in Gym Barbell Row (6 sets of 10 Reps)

·         This exercise can be done using a rod according to the weight how much you can bear

·         Hold the rod using a wide reverse grip which is a professional way to be done

·         Bend your body slightly

·         Squeeze while lifting up and relax leaving it in its normal position.

Close Grip Pull Down (3 sets of 12 Reps)


·         Close grip pulldown is the next exercise using the same equipment we discussed in Lat pull-down or Reverse grip pulldown

·         Use cable wire which is facilitated for both hands to grip

·         Hold the cable with both hands, pull it down, squeeze your muscles and stretch your back in the state the way you began.

Pack Pulls (6 sets of 10 Reps)

·         This exercise is called an advanced set of the back that is very much effective for cuts and muscle grow

·         Use your wide grip on the rod as well as use a bench where you can keep the rod on

·         Lift the weight, stretch your body straight and hold for about a second or two

·         Bend your body and keep the rod on the bench

·         Repeat it until you finish your repetitions.

Conclusion of Back Tuesday Workout

We have covered the important back workout in gym sets and repetitions. Let me know in the comment below if you want more relevant topics.

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