Best Biceps Workout Friday Routine

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The best Biceps Workout is the muscle’s front part of your upper arm. People do prefer a biceps workout as it leads to a prominent peak, cuts, and bulking mass. Proper biceps muscles with a huge mass being in shape can give you the best look which charms your personality. Lifting up weight properly can give you a positive outlook. The bicep is the part that brings up soon if followed by the full guidance which can then motivate you to work harder and even trigger your performance inability to work on different other muscles too.

Best Biceps Workout Friday Routine

Best Biceps Workout Friday Routine Effective Exercise

Alternate Dumbbell Curls

  • Make sure to stand in front of the mirror to have a best perfect posture
  • Chest out, keeping your shoulders lock
  • Hold the dumbbell in each hand
  • Lift up weight nice and slowly and make sure not to be in a hurry but try to be at the same speed when you go up and down in the direction
  • Continue until you complete 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Preacher Curls

  • Use the preacher curls equipment
  • Make sure in a nice setting position while holding a rod in your hands
  • Lock your shoulder and knee make sure to be fixed using preacher curls equipment
  • Lift up the rod in gentle motion, squeeze and go down the stretch at the same speed
  • Try to be slow as much as possible to pump your biceps to have a great result
  • Continue till 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

One Arm Bicep Curl

  • Use a simple bench and make it in the incline position
  • Keep your arm straight on the bench while leaving your body behind it
  • Lock your arm perfectly and go up slow
  • Come down at the same speed
  • The speed should be the same whether you go up or come down while holding a dumbbell in your hand but make sure to squeeze and keep concentration on your bicep
  • Do the same using your opposite arm
  • Continue for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Best Biceps Workout One Arm Concentration Curl

  • Set on the bench
  • Hold a dumbbell in your hand
  • Try to squeeze your biceps while bringing it up otherwise it wouldn’t be an effective
  • Bend your arm and lock it with your knee to be fixed at the spot
  • Bring it up slowly with full of concentration, squeeze and leave it to stretch
  • Shuffle a dumbbell to the opposite arm and continue the same strategy
  • Continue for 4 sets of 12 repetitions.

Barbell Curl Wide Grip

  • Hold the desired rod while standing in front of the mirror
  • Use your wide grip leaving about 2 inches of the endpoint of the rod
  • Lift a rod closer to your chest, squeeze and stretch it back to its starting position
  • Make sure not to forget to squeeze your biceps while bringing the rod up closer to your chest
  • Carry on for 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Barbell Curl Close Grip

  • Use the same rod
  • Leaving about 5-6 inches of the middle of your grip
  • Lock your biceps close to your chest
  • Life the weight up, squeeze, and stretch
  • Continue for 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Plate Curl

  • Hold a plate weight with both your hands
  • Be in the position you normally used for barbell grip
  • Bend your arms a little closer to your chest while holding a plate
  • Make sure your biceps are locked close to your chest
  • Don’t get your arms to lose until you complete 2 sets of 25 repetitions.

Conclusion of the Best Biceps Workout

We have covered some basic and important best biceps workouts. Please, let me in the comment below if you want some more relevant topics.

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