Best Make up Tips and Tricks at Home

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We are going to share an amazing and interesting 24 Best Make Up Tips and Tricks At Home and For The Party. You’ll enjoy doing make-up after reading these amazing and interesting hacks.


Best Make up Tips and Tricks at Home



Best Make up Tips and Tricks at Home and For The Party


No. 1: Oily Foundation

Usually, the foundation is oily. Once you buy it, you use it until it is finished. You don’t buy another foundation just because the previous foundation that you bought was oily. This problem is most common in summer. What we do to cope with this is to mix some amount of loose powder or press powder into our foundation. It will give a matte finish. The oily foundation is one of the keys too in make-up tips and tricks.


No. 2: Brushes

People are taking an interest to know how to make up for the party. Some people have so many brushes to apply makeup on their faces. Like foundation brush, eyeliner brush, brow brush, blush brush, powder brush, complexion brush, angled foundation brush, eye shadow ‘C’ brush, contour brush, concealer brush, fan brush, small angled brush, and the list goes on. But sometimes we have one or two brushes with us.

In this situation, you can attach a bobby pin at the tip of the brush and adjust the size according to your requirements. Same if you have a larger eye shadow brush you can make it small by using a rubber band. All you have to do is to tie a rubber band around the tip of the brush. And it will become a pointed brush and you can easily use it to apply eye shadow.


No. 3: Eye Shadow Tips & Tricks

Many people have asked how to make up at home using eye shadow. Often when we apply a darker shade at the outer corner of the eye it spreads out having no proper shape and is not defined. For this, take a two inches piece of scotch tape and place it from your eye corner to the corner of your eyebrow. Now you can apply the darker shades or the shades you want to apply to lift your eyes without worrying that they would spread out and your eye will be more defined. When you remove the tape then the eye shadow will look very neat. You can now blend the corner with any brush.


No. 4: To Make Your Eye Look Bigger

We have revealed the secrets of quality makeup guidelines. Eye makeup is a much-specialized field. Small details play a very important role in your appearance. You can create very big differences by using these details. If you want to look your eyes bigger then what you have to do is apply a white eye pencil into your lower waterline and a black eye pencil into your upper waterline. In this way, your eye will look bigger and your lashes will look denser.


No. 5: Sunscreen Foundation

When we do make first we prepare our skin with sunscreen moisturizer and then we apply foundation. But when we are getting late to arrive somewhere we don’t have enough time for this. Mix some sunscreen with your foundation and then apply it with a beauty blender or foundation brush. It will give you the protection and finish of BB or CC cream.


No. 6: Eye Liner Wing Using Best Make Up Tips and Tricks

When we apply eyeliner we couldn’t make a proper shape or line. When you lift your eye and use an eyeliner brush draw a line upwards that is stretching out from the outer corner of your eye. Now from the corner of the line that you drew, draw a line above it and join it with your upper lash line. Now fill in the liner.

No. 7: Your Perfect Shade of Foundation

Usually, it happens that we are not able to find the exact shade of the foundation that matches our skin tone. What we can do is mix the two Foundations of different shades, one lighter and the other darker in the required proportion according to your skin tone. In this way, you can get your exact shade of foundation. If don’t have 2 shades of foundation you can also use brown eye shadows or blushes in brown or peach color.


No. 8: Dry OR Finished Mascara

Most of the time it happens that the mascara gets dry or finishes very quickly or gets so thick that it is not sticking to your lashes. What you have to do is to add a few drops of lens solution and shake it well. It will become like new.


No. 9: Curl Your Eye Lashes

When we curl our eyelashes and apply mascara they look so beautiful. But sometimes the curler fails to curl the lashes. We can fix the eyelash curler by heating it a bit by using a hairdryer and then curling the lashes. In this way, the lashes get curled and remain the same for a longer time.

No. 10: Lipstick Should Never Be Skip For The Best Make Up Tips and Tricks

We have a few lipsticks which means we have a few colors of lipstick. Sometimes we want to try something new it could be funky, glossy, or shiny. We can make our shimmery shade of lipstick by using eye shadow. Take any eye shadow of your choice and apply it to any lighter shade of your lipstick. And this will create a nice shimmery lipstick

No. 11: Excess Mascara

When we apply mascara usually it spreads out and ruins the foundation around the eyes. What you can do is place a tissue under your lower lashes and above the upper lashes. In this way, the extra mascara will get stuck to the tissue paper and your foundation will not get ruined by it.

No. 12: Shape of Eye Shadow

When we apply eye shadows, it spreads out of the eyelids. To get the required shape and cover the spreader out eye shadow you can apply foundation on the eye shadow to cover it. It will clean the excess eye shadow and your foundation will also not get ruined you can use a cotton bud to be more precise with the shape and apply some foundation using it or you can use some loose powder and apply it with the help of a brush. Same you can make the Sharp edges of lips after applying lipstick by using a cotton bud with a bit of foundation on it.

NO. 13: Blush On

If your blush gets finished then you can use any of your lipsticks in the shade of pink or peach and make dots on your cheeks using it and then blend it. It will give you the same effect as a blush.

No. 14: Lifting Eyes

To lift your eye there is a very interesting hack for eyelids. You can make your eye more open and big by using this hack. Apply some concealer or some light shade foundation on your eyelids. Then apply some light to the middle part of your eyelids. This will create an illusion of bigger eyes.

No. 15: Eye Liner Tips and Tricks

When you are in hurry and don’t get the time to apply eyeliner and you want that there must be something on the eyes then there’s a hack. Apply the eyeliner even if the line is not properly in shape then take an eye shadow of any color of your choice and blend it with the eyeliner using a brush in the corners. Then apply a brown eye shadow on it.

No. 16: Thin Eye Lashes

Some people have very thin eyelashes. Even after applying mascara, it doesn’t create much difference. For this apply a thin layer of MASCARA then dust some loose powder on the lashes placing a tissue under them. Then apply a second coat of mascara to your lashes. It will give your lashes a thicker look.

No. 17: Shaping Eye Brows

When you shape the eyebrows there’s also a hack for this. Take any mascara of dark brown color and remove the excess mascara from the brush using tissue paper then shape the eyebrows using that mascara brush. It will give a very natural look to your brows and will blend so easily.

No. 18: Eye Brow Brush

For shaping the eyebrows there’s a specific brush that is used but if you don’t have that brush then take the brush of any mascara that is dried up or you don’t use and wash it off with liquid soap. After drying it, you can use the brush to shape your brows.

No. 19: Best Make-Up Tips and Tricks Technique To Apply Mascara

There’s a technique to apply mascara with which your eye looks wider. For this don’t apply the mascara outwards instead apply it in the direction of your nose with to and fro motion. It will give your eyes a wide look.

No. 20: Fuller Lips

Some people want their lips to look fuller. For this take a light brown pencil and give shape to your lips and make the corners dark and draw a vertical line on your lower lip. Then fill your lips with a light shade of lipstick. Now your lips will look fuller.

No. 21: Lipstick Sticking To Teeth

It happens when you apply a creamy lipstick it sticks to your teeth. When someone says that clean your teeth it feels so embarrassing. When you apply a creamy lipstick place a finger in your mouth so that the extra lipstick sticks to your finger and your teeth don’t get the lipstick on them.

No. 22: Long Lasting Lipstick

How to make your lipstick long-lasting? For this apply the first layer of any lipstick you want and then place the tissue paper on your lips. Then apply some loose powder to it with the help of a brush. Remove the tissue and apply another coat of lipstick. It will make your lipstick long-lasting.

No. 23: Dark Lips Best Tips and Tricks

Sometimes it happens that lips become dark or black and a lighter shade of lipstick doesn’t show on the lips or becomes a different shade from what we used. For this, use a concealer or a bit of foundation on your lips using your finger. Then apply any shade of lipstick and it will give you the exact color you want.

No. 24: Applying Foundation on Neck

When you apply foundation to your neck the collar of your shirt gets stained by it. To prevent it from staining take a tissue and place it between your neck and the collar, then apply foundation and powder. This will prevent it from getting the marks of your foundation.

Conclusion for the best Best Make up Tips and Tricks At Home and For The Party


This is all about the 24 Best Make Up Tips and Tricks At Home and For The Party. If you want to know more such as How To Make Up For Party, How To Make Up At Home, or Make-Up Guidelines, Then let us know in the comment box.

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