Bill Gates Complete Biography

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We will cover bill gates complete biography and his net worth in this article. We have come to know most celebrities through their work in the film industries, drama industries, etc. But, some people are popular due to their offside work. One such famous personality is Bill Gates.

Bill Gates Complete Biography

Bill Gates Complete Biography and His Net Worth

Bill Gates is well known due to his wealth which is increasing day by day. He has been the top richest person in the world for over 10 years. Bill Gates is a very generous personality spending most of his money on charity. He was born into a middle-class family. But, his hard struggle made him a billionaire.
He was born on Oct 28, 1955, in Seattle, Washington. It was the day when Bill Gates was a student at a University. His teacher was staring at him and making fun said that he could be only a truck driver. After listening to this sentence, students in the class started laughing at him. It was his last day at Howard University. Hence, he was getting sick of the teaching methods, the gossip of his fellows, and the archaic traditions of the University. Hence, he was not conscious and consistent about the study.

Bill Gates and Paul Allen


He has been with his friend Paul Allen most of the time. Paul Allen was also an expert in making strategies and plans. Both of them were always thinking about something that was not discovered yet. Bill Gates was expelled from Howard University due to his non-serious attitude in class. He took the letter and handed it over to his friend Paul Allen and said this is the time to do something bigger to let the world know about us. Paul Allen shacked his hand and agreed.
Bill Gates and his friend Paul Allen build a company named Microsoft in 1975. People were making fun of the name of the company but this company led him to success till 1979. Steve Ballmer joined this company in 1980. Hence, Microsoft company led to the biggest company ever in Washington. Bill Gates started receiving checks daily that’s why there was a bank opened a branch in the company. Nevertheless, with time 51 different bank branches opened in the company.
Microsoft became the largest company in the world in 1990 and hence Bill Gates became the richest person in the world. Thus, in 1998, an American president proclaimed that now we are the nation of Bill Gates.
Bill Gates is the only one who became the richest person in the world at the age of 38. Today, more than 70 thousand employees are working at Microsoft. Microsoft’s business is spread across 102 countries. This company made more than 1,28,000 people billionaires.
There are five directors of Microsoft of which Bill Gates has the highest shares of around 97,74,19,336. In the last 15 years, Media has given most of the coverage to Bill Gates all around the world.

Bill Gates Net Worth

At age of 15, he and his friend Paul Allen sold their software for $20000. Found Microsoft at the age of 20. Basic was so-called the first software. The revenue was $16000 in 1975. In the next three years, it climbed straight to $1 million. It went well gradually and the revenue became $16 million in 1981. Bill Gates became a millionaire at 26. Yearly revenue was $200 million consisting of a word, excel, etc. He became a billionaire at 31 years of age. He was nominated as the youngest billionaire. The next revenue raised to $1 billion with the introduction of windows and MS OFFICE suite. Windows 95 was introduced in 1995. Thus, Bill Gates became the richest person in the world with a net worth of $13 billion. Net worth turned to arise to $128 billion in 2016. After 2016, Bill Gates was surpassed by Jeff Bezos. Although, it was because the Bill Gates charity foundation spent around $40 billion.

Bill Gates Complete Biography Conclusion

We have covered the complete biography of bill gates and his net worth. So, If you have any queries or suggestions please let us know in the comment section.

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