Earning Money Online From Authentic Sources

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Here we shared earning money online from authentic sources without having any experience and it works 100%. Here are the top five authentic sources.

Earning Money Online From Authentic Sources


YouTube is a good source of income that is being used worldwide nowadays.
There are multiple ways to earn from youtube.
Your Videos + Advertisement = Money
You can earn money by uploading videos for YouTube. Basically, you get money through advertisements running on your video.
Create Your Own Channel
You can create your own YouTube channel and earn money. But there are two terms that should be followed carefully.
i. Should be your own creation (you can’t re-upload someone else video)
ii. YouTube community guidelines should be followed (no controversial, should be a family channel, should not be vulgar or pornography, etc)
Minimum Limitation
1000 Subscribers
4000 hours watch time in last 12 months
It should be interesting to meet with the YouTube algorithm so that YouTube can recommend it at the top to viewers.

2) PHOTOGRAPHY (Shutter-stock, Getty images, etc)

You can upload an image or video on shutter stock and earn 18 to 25 cents for a photo and 62 to 79 for a video. Video duration should be 5-60 seconds long without sound effects. Most people make videos on average of 10-15 seconds.


You can create your website and write some articles. When people visit your site, they will be notified of an advertisement that you would have chosen at your site. You need to link your website with AdSense or any other for monetization.


You can sell your own service on your website. It could be anything depending on your products. You can sell your stuff to visitors by advertising on social media. You must have seen multiple affiliating websites such as Ali Baba, Amazon, Daraz, etc

5) Freelancing

If you want to work as a freelancer, you get to earn money after fulfilling a task that would be given to you. This is a much simpler and easy way to understand the process by visiting different freelancing sites such as freelancing.com, Upwork, PeoplePerHour, guru.com, design crowd, Envato studio, Fiverr, etc.

What You Need To Earn Money Online

Patience and Consistency necessary to get maximum outcome
All of these earning ways are based on Passive income

Passive Income

Once you start work then left but it would give you profit even if you are not attached to it.

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