Economic Political And Social Structure Influenced Education

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In this tutorial, we are going to share the economic political and social structure that has a role in influencing education. All the important data will be discussed starting from socialization.


Socialization is one of the main keys for a student in education life to grow their personality by communicating with others to develop their living style, judging people, interact with society and their thoughts, make themselves perfect what to believe on, develop bonds, developing meaningful relationship outside of the family, having interpersonal relationship later in their life. Education is a well-suited platform for a student to improve their social interaction, build up their confidence, great impact on their manners and behavior the way students communicate social skills using their different way of talking.


When it comes to Politicalinfluenced over education, we do know education is publicly funded and subjected to government control. The government having power and dictation over schools depend on the given tasks following legislation. The education system can be treated differently by different political climates.
For instance; Michelle Obama had worked to commence healthier schools as part of her campaign to end childhood obesity.
Education also does have an influence over political campaigning on the behalf of the needs of students.
For example; Student advocates and activists thank for the greater support to federal enforcement of Title 1X to protect students who are targeted as gene-based violence. Title 1X prohibits discrimination based on sex in any education program or activity that is federally funded.


Economics aids to improve skills for gainful employment and perceive business more efficiently. It enhances the capability of the brain to understand complexities happening in the world. It helps in confidence to build up and thereby makes a person a leader. It also facilitates better understanding among communities to take advantage of group intelligence.


Social change always takes place to change in humans if needed. Education is one of the keywords that matter to bring up a change in human personality. The role of education was over-stressed in the second half of the 20th century to fulfill the needs of the nation. Education always serves as an agent for a human to have a social change that could be through social interaction, behavioral activities, and communication skills to develop. Social changes take place as a result of multiple changes occurring leading to arise in the social and nonsocial environment. It can initiate a change in the pattern of social relationships. Societal change always comes from the collective transformation of people of society. Francis J. Brown remarks that Education is a process that brings about changes in the behavior of society. It is a process that enables every individual to effectively participate in the activities of the society and to make a positive contribution to the progress of society.


In this paper, the relationship between political and social structures has been written following the literature and also mentioned the working of teachers and students. There are many different reviews have been published and researchers carefully noted and demonstrated that the education system tends to change due to the involvement of political aspects. Despite that, there are different ways and political policies that should be followed under the terms and conditions to meet the legitimate requirements otherwise administrators and management could be responsible. Students come to arise with distinct ideas to clear their exams if strict policies are applied. Teachers work hard but in some cases, it manifests that they even don’t have the authority to go with their unique ideas until the policies have been changed.


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