Facts on Pyramid of Giza | Top 20 Facts

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We revealed the top 20 facts on the pyramid of Giza. It is the largest pyramid in Egypt. One of the wonders curious mystery to know about. Researchers made the discovery using high technology devices to find out the particles through physics.

Facts on Pyramid of Giza | Top 20 Facts

Top 20 Facts of Pyramid of Giza

It’s been 45 centuries that the pyramid of Giza is still in its rocking style and position. People are amazed that how is it possible to make a pyramid that strong in ancient times. Because there was no such reliable technology or awareness. 

1. How the Pyramid of Giza Was Made

As we mentioned earlier that people are really curious to know about the pyramid of Giza and how it was made in ancient times. The time itself couldn’t damage it. Not even a single rock is destroyed yet. We do believe, there was no such powerful technology to make a pyramid that strong. There was no iron available to cut the stone into pieces but only soft metals such as copper were available. 

2. Why Was Pyramid Made?

The pyramid was made to protect the graves of Egyptian kings. People of Egypt used to believe in the upcoming life after death. Therefore, they kept saving their treasure and the necessary important stuff.

3. The Mummy Grave

The people of Egypt used to make mummy graves to preserve them. In some circumstances, it is claimed that people of Egypt do all these with their favorite pets too. 

4. Total Pyramids and The Pyramid of Giza

There are round about 138 pyramids made in Egypt. But, the three pyramids in the city of Giza are very popular. One among them is the only pyramid that has been viral which is known as the mysterious Pyramid of Giza. Which is very tall than others and nominated as the oldest pyramid. It is also added to the list of seven mysteries of the world and is known as the Great Pyramid of Giza or the pyramid of Khufu. Nevertheless, Khufu was the name of the king who made it for his grave to be buried in the pyramid. 

5. Khafre The Son of Khufu

Khafre (the son of Khufu) had made the second Pyramid of Giza in the shape of his grave. Therefore, this pyramid is known as the Pyramid of Khafre. There is a statue called sphinx that has been made. 

6. The Statue Sphinx

The statue sphinx resembles the khafre’s face. This art might have been done because Khafre had made it. 

7. Third Pyramid of The Giza

This pyramid is the smallest pyramid of the Giza. Also, it is known as the pyramid of Menkaure. It is stated, This pyramid was made in the shape of king Menkaure’s face. 

8. The Top of the wonders

The pyramid of Giza is the no.1 top and the oldest wonder of mystery. It is the only wonder mystery that is still in its good position.

9. Measurement of the Pyramid of Giza

The pyramid of Giza was made with a height of 481 F. with time, it decreased its height to 455 F due to rain and thunderstorm.

10. Rocks of the Pyramid of Giza

People are astonished that how these heavy blocks are used in the pyramid of Giza for about 481 F in height. Whereas, even a single block has a very heavyweight. Engineers believe that despite advanced technology, it is impossible to build such a pyramid. Thus, there are almost 23 lac blocks are used in the construction of the pyramid. 

11. Record of Pyramid

The pyramid of Giza had been at the top of the list due to its height made by humans for 3800 years. But, the record was broken when the Lincoln Cathedral had been made in 1311 AD. The height of Lincoln Cathedral is 482 F. 

12.  Role of Al Aziz in The Pyramid of Giza

Sultan Al Aziz tried to figure out things in the pyramid of Giza. But, he gave up because it was too difficult to do. The workers who were assigned by Al Aziz to fulfill this job tried to fix things for 8 months. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do it because they were hardly carrying a single or two blocks of the pyramid in a day. Hence, they gave up.

13. Weight of the Pyramid of Giza

The weight of the pyramid of Giza is about 5750000 tons. If you compare it with the world’s longest tower that is Burj Khalifa, is about 500000 tons. 

14. Construction of Pyramid of Giza

Normally, it is said that the Pyramid of Giza was made by slaves. But, later on, the statement was modified using discoveries that it was made by the workers who were paid for it.

15. Why the pyramid of Giza is very strong

Super adhesive mortar was used to build rocks to make a pyramid of Giza strong. As a result, it worked.

16. Temperature of Pyramid of Giza

Inside the pyramid of Giza, the temperature remains 20°C. If there is a high temperature outside, Still that doesn’t affect it.

17. Nile River and The Pyramid of Giza

The Pyramid of Giza is located near the Nile River. 

18. Material Used in The Pyramid of Giza

5000000 tons of Limestone, 8000 tons of Granite, and 500000 tons of Mortar were used. 

19. Workers Who Made Pyramid of Giza

According to historians, round about 20,000 workers including architects, engineers, builders, etc were selected to build this pyramid. 

20. Papyrus facts on Pyramid of Giza

In 2013, Architects found the papyrus in the Wadi-Al-Jarf. Which was 45000 years older. It was written in Hieroglyph or Hieratic. Papyrus is a plant in Egypt which was used to make paper for writing. This is the oldest papyrus ever. It was written on the papyrus about the facts on the pyramid of Giza 45000 years ago at the time of King Khufu during the construction of the pyramid Giza. Also, it was written on the paper that there were thousands of workers who carried the blocks from Tora to Giza. However, this papyrus has been placed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.

Conclusion About The Facts about the Pyramid of Giza

Thus, we have covered all of the important facts about the pyramid of Giza such as how it was made, who made it, why it was made, its weight, height, material, etc. 

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