Freelance Meaning in Urdu and Earning

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Today, we are going to share the freelance meaning in Urdu and how to earn from it. Normally, everybody wants to work as per their interest in different fields of life. Freelance is an online platform that makes people interested to take place using cyberspace.

Freelance Meaning in Urdu And How To Earn From It

Freelance Meaning in Urdu and How To Earn From It

The word freelance is the combination of “free – آزاد”, and “lance –

 پیشہ “. Where free means independent that indicates for the self while lance is an indication of employed. Hence, the word “freelance” means “self-employed – آزادی سے کام کرنے والا”.

Who is Freelancer

Freelancers are self-employed who offer different services online to the client, organization, or company. They actually come up with a well-designed professional proposal in order to increase their maximum chances to be hired. If the proposal is attractive, they get hired by the client.

There are many freelance platforms. Some of them are,, and Oneself can create an account as per their choice.

How To Create A Freelancer Account in Pakistan

As is mentioned earlier that there are numerous freelance platforms are available online. But, creating an accounting procedure is the same for all of them. Here’s we shared how to create it.

You may create an account using your Gmail id or fill in the proforma including the required information such as first name, last name, mobile number, and email id, etc. You will be asked to input your top skills after logging in to your dashboard. Add relevant skills you think you are good at. Your profile completion should be 100% including your top professionalism skills, hourly rate, description, qualification, certification, portfolio, etc. Once you are all done with these requirements, you are ready to search for the projects or have a look at the notifications where projects are notified with the relevant skills you added. 

How To Write A Best Bid Proposal For Freelancer

Writing a quality, worthy and successful proposal for a project has been a great focus of freelancers. Coming up with a good and attractive proposal is very important to get a response from a client. Nevertheless, your proposal should reach the following statements as mentioned below.

  1. Write it that you have come to know the client’s requirements what he really needs and you are ready to complete this task.
  2. Mention how many years of experience do you have in the field related to the project. In addition to this, there should be some unique specialty written that why a client should hire you as there are other applicants too who are also willing to accomplish the same task in their way.
  3. Mention how would you approach the task if get hired with 4 or 5 examples. For example;
  • First of all, I’ll carefully read and understand the description.
  • Will come up with different ideas and strategies to make a special one.
  • Discuss it with the agent if he likes it or not, then move forward to it.
  • Will never quite the task until client satisfaction.
  • Will offer a free bonus

Hence, highlight your Upwork profile by leaving a URL in the proposal. Express your gratitude to the client for the consideration.

Mention regards or sincerity at the end with your name.

Never skip showcasing the relevant samples before being done with the proposal.

Conclusion of Freelance Meaning in Urdu and How To Earn From It

We have shared a quick complete guide to becoming a successful freelancer. If you have still any queries or suggestions please let us know in the comment section.


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