Full Bright Scholarship Complete Details

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When we talk about scholarships, we see a lot of students who are keen on getting foreign especially full bright scholarships after their graduation or post-graduation. Here, I am going to write about the detail of the FULBRIGHT scholarship.

Full Bright Scholarship


A scholarship through which you can apply for master’s or Ph.D. programs in the United States after completing your graduation.

The application process generally starts in February and lasts till May. You have to fulfill all the application requirements within the stipulated time.

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Candidates from any study background either Arts or engineering or even medicine can apply for this scholarship. But, medical students cannot pursue clinical medicine. They can go for public health etc.


  1. GRE
  2. Statement of purpose
  3. Study Objectives
  4. Reference Letters

GRE is a Graduation record examination conducted by a US institute ETS.

GRE includes three parts

  1. Quantitative reasoning
  2. Verbal reasoning
  3. Analytical Writing


Mock tests are available on the ETS website. Attempt those tests, analyze yourself and decide how much time you need for GRE preparation. However, 3 to 4 months are fine.

There is 21 days gap if someone is attempting the GRE 2nd or 3rd time. There is an unlimited no. of attempts.


  1. Manhattan’s book having a total of 26 chapters is very helpful for Quantitative reasoning.
  2. The official guide to GRE recommended by ETS is good for both verbal and quantitative reasoning.
  3. Cracking the GRE is another good book.
  4. Magoosh is an online source for GRE preparation.
  5. There is a mobile application named Magoosh GRE vocab which is helpful to improve your vocab.
  6. Magoosh videos are also available.
  7. The official guide to GRE is good for Analytical writing.
  8. There are many Facebook pages and groups from where you can get the links for GRE material.


In this, you represent yourself, your achievements, your future goals, the things you have done for your goals previously, and questions like why you choose America over other countries. You should write the SOP in paragraphs in the following manner.

  • Motivation and background: what gave you the motivation to choose this field?

Educational background, your graduation or post-graduation majors, educational achievements. Be concise in your writing, though.

  • Social work and community services

Write about your social work and welfare things with any organization if you have done any in your university or college life.

If you have been in any exchange program, write about that program.

  • Any internship or job experience

If you have any internship from a foreign university or even from your country’s well-known place, add your experience to your SOP. Add your job experience if you have done any.


You write about your BACKGROUND first, like why you want this, why your community or country needs that certain thing which you are going to pursue. Answer these questions as per your majors.

  • Educational background

Talk about courses in which you have an interest. Talk about the courses you have done in your under graduation or master’s and tell them how those courses will help you to pursue your master’s or Ph.D. program.

  • Area of interest

Write about your technical workshops or internships and how they develop your interest in choosing the field you’re applying for.

Write about your particular goals. You have to be very specific here.

In the end, write about why you are choosing the UNITED STATES.


These reference letters can be from your university professors, your college or high school teachers, or from the institute at which you have done your internship or job.

There should be at least three reference letters telling them why you are capable of getting this scholarship.

There are other minor questions in the application form as well. You can answer them easily.

You can write in the application about your choice of university but you have to give them a good logical reason about why you want to go to that particular school.


The first and utmost important thing is, that this is the finest opportunity you are getting in your educational career. In the US, the institutions and the level of education are very high. It opens a lot of doors for you. This scholarship will help you when you will apply for any job.

Moreover, you will get a lifetime experience. You will get to know about their culture, their environment, etc. You will learn a lot and that will help you to polish yourself.


Almost 1900 to 2000 candidates apply combined for master’s and Ph.D. programs every year. Out of these 2000 candidates, only 350 to 400 are selected for the interview. After the interview, almost 150 candidates are finalized for the scholarship. Selected candidates’ numbers may vary every year.


  • There is no application fee.
  • You pay 215$ GRE fee by yourself. USEFP doesn’t fund this.
  • Test centers are in:


  • You can easily register from the ETS website.
  • The interview is conducted only in ISLAMABAD. You may have to travel to ISLAMABAD, so that travel expense is also included in your expenditures.
  • Before you go for the interview, you have to register yourself for TOEFL. The registration fee for TOEFL is 195 US dollars.
  • USEFP doesn’t fund your medical tests and visa process.

Once you are selected for the scholarship, you don’t have to pay for anything.


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