Government of Dubai Jobs in 2022 are now Open

Government of Dubai Jobs in 2022 are now Open

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All applicants are welcome to apply for the Government of Dubai Jobs in 2022. A bunch of vacancies is announced for all applicants in Dubai. Therefore, people who want to work in Dubai can now apply online for their favorite position in which they are eligible. The population of immigrants from other countries to Dubai increases every year. More than 16 million international visitors make it rank fourth in the world. It is a central hub for tourists and very famous for its buildings.

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Government of Dubai Jobs in 2022 announced for everyone who wants to work abroad. However, Dubai has an impressive infrastructure and a plethora of stunning buildings. The city is home to the world’s largest malls, the highest tower on the planet, and some of the most exclusive restaurants, hotels, and nightspots around. Further, it is famous for contemporary sightseeing attractions such as the Burj Khalifa (the world’s tallest building) and shopping malls with complete mammoth aquariums and indoor ski slopes.

Government of Dubai Jobs in 2022 Details

There are several job vacancies open in Dubai for all applicants. People are highly encouraged to choose among the five vacancies in which they are interested. However, the following are the five open vacancies listed below:

  • Hotel Jobs
  • Taxi Jobs
  • Airport Jobs
  • RTA Jobs
  • Government Jobs

#1 Hotel Jobs

Undoubtedly, finding a hotel job as a career in Dubai is a good choice. In general, hospitality employees are paid handsome amounts with extra benefits for late nights and weekends. In 2022, hotel jobs are available all year round means people can apply whenever they want. Below is the list of the job position:

  • Morning Shift
  • Night Shift
  • Manager
  • Deputy Manager
  • Waiter
  • Driver
  • Pick and Drop Hotel
  • Laundry

#2 Dubai Jobs in 2022 for Taxi Drivers

Dubai Taxi Corporation is a massive company with many staffs in different departments and each department faces several challenges in following company rules and regulations to meet its targets. However, here are the job details below:

Job LocationDubai
NationalityIndian, Nepalese, Bangladeshi, Pakistani & Sri Lankan
EducationHigh School
Experience1-2 years
LicenseHome Country/GCC/UAE
Male’s Age23-50 years old
Female’s Age23-45 years old
GenderMale & Female
Average CommissionUp to 4000 – 6000 AED /month (Confirm)

To apply for this job, send a detail along with a resume to [email protected]

#3 Airport Jobs

Dubai Jobs in 2022 at DXB Airport is now open. It was constructed in 1959 and officially opened in 1960. Also, it is considered one of the world’s busiest airports. So, there is a need to recruit many employees. Below is the list mentioned:

  • Commercial
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Technology
  • Services & Operation
  • Corporate Affairs
  • Engineering Jobs
  • Human Resource Development
  • Strategy & Development

Minimum Salary: The average Dubai Airports monthly salary ranges from around AED 1,800 per month to AED 12,257 per month for a cleaner.

To apply for this job please Click Here

#4 RTA Jobs

Dubai Jobs in 2022 for RTA is now open. RTA (Roads and Transport Authority) was established in 2005 by Law No. 17 – 2005 and launched by the Vice President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, It is responsible for making plans and providing transport facilities. Moreover, It provides an efficient and integrated transport system to achieve Dubai’s vision. The following are the available fields:

Minimum Salary: The average RTA Dubai jobs salary and minimum salary ranges from AED 3,500/month to AED 11,000/month. For an application procedure, please click on the given link below.

Visit Here

#5 Government Jobs

The government of Dubai Jobs in 2022 is welcoming people to apply for their favorite position. Hence, Jobs are available in different cities like Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai, and Abu Dhabi. However, there are several fields available which are listed below.

  • Administration Support
  • Administration, Sales, and Customer Service
  • Audit and Finance
  • Audit, Financial
  • Education
  • Higher Education, Mentoring, and Guidance
  • Engineering
  • Civil Engineering, Marine Engineering
  • Farming, Fishery, and Agriculture
  • Farming, Fishery
  • Health, Safety, and Environment
  • Health and Safety, Waste Management
  • Human Resources
  • Talent Management, Organizational Development
  • Information Technology
  • Application Development, Infrastructure
  • Labor, Services Craftsmen, and Technicians
  • Craftsmen, Agriculture Technician
  • Laboratories
  • Cytology, Chemistry
  • Leadership
  • Senior Leadership, Senior Management
  • Legal, Judicial, and Regulatory
  • Inspection, Investigation
  • Media, Marketing, and Communication
  • Media, Marketing, Promotion, and Events
  • Medical
  • Cardiology, Surgery
  • Nursing and Allied Health
  • Physiotherapy, Diagnostic Medical Imaging
  • Social, Cultural, and Economical
  • Sociology, Cultural
  • Statistical and Actuarial
  • Statistical, Actuarial
  • Strategy and Quality
  • Quality and Excellence, Project Management
  • Travel, Tourism, and Aviation
  • Travel and Tourism, Aviation

Click Here to apply for the Government of Dubai Jobs in 2022

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