How to Develop Your Personality More Attractive

How to Develop Your Personality to Look More Attractive

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In this study, we are going to tell you how you can develop your personality to look more attractive to People. Although, it nearly depends on the situation. We know that first impressions are very important in determining your personality. Your image depends not only on your dressing sense but also on your body language, manner of speaking, sense of humor, hygiene, etc.

Develop Your Personality to Look More Attractive to People:

The first impression is you need to dress smartly to look good. Your clothes are first looked at to gauge your personality. First of all, it is important to know when and what you should wear. On the other hand, your body language is seen when you start walking.

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Personality development is a combination of the qualities that make you different from others. Personality development means positive change. In short, we can say that it is a process that helps to develop the qualities to become a good person. It can also be used as a tool to identify our strengths and weaknesses, turn weaknesses into strengths, eliminate bad strengths, and so on.

Develop Your Personality For The Interview:How to Develop Your Personality More Attractive

When you enter the room for a job interview, it will be your dress that will appear first. Then, your body language, which speaks to your confidence, will be judged. The image of you will appear in the mind of the interviewer the first time he sees you. You must be presentable during the interview.

Some basic steps should be followed to develop your personality during the interview.

  • Should be in a formal dress to look professional
  • Your dress should not be too loose or tight
  • One should not wear bright colors
  • Your dress must be neat and clean
  • Clothes must be Ironed
  • You should choose one of the professional colors for the dress such as black, navy blue, or brown
  • Knock before entering the room
  • You should have a smile on your face and positive eye contact
  • Branded clothing is optional but definitely will have a positive impact on your personality
  • If you dress appropriately for the occasion, it will also boost your confidence
  • Comb your hair according to the situation
  • You must wash your mouth to avoid the odor of breath
  • Be hygienic using perfume before going out for the interview

These are the basic steps you should follow to develop your personality to look more attractive to people.

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Body Language During Presentation:

How to Develop Your Personality More Attractive

body language (kinesics) is one of the most important types to develop your personality. It includes body postures, gestures, eye contact, facial expressions, etc. Normally, body language exists in both humans and animals. But, we are concerned with human body language.

Keep in mind that body language is your superpower that makes your image directly in someone’s mind right after you start communication. Make sure you don’t panic at all. The audience is interested in how you present your presentation and if you have forgotten the words they have no idea. However, you are the only person who can handle forgotten words with your body language.

Remember, your communication begins before you open your mouth. It is necessary to practice a lot to develop your personality. So, It is important to start positively with your facial expressions and greetings to the audience.

Basic Steps for a Positive Body Language:

  • You should have a good positive posture and position
  • It is obvious, that one should face the audience
  • Beware of watching the screen and turning your back to the audience
  • Avoid putting your hand in your pocket
  • Using space may not affect your body language if used gently
  • Do not rush to finish the presentation/topic but keep the pace normal to present well

Things to Avoid During Presentation to Develop Your Personality:

  • Avoid putting your hand in your pocket
  • Do not put your hands on your hips/thighs and pretend to look overwhelming confident and superpower over others
  • You should not try to impress or flash the audience with an absurd gesture

Note: Stand up straight, close your eyes, look at the ceiling, raise both your arms and let your arms fall to the sides touching your thighs. Open your eyes and this should be your base posture.

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