How To Get Approval By Adsense conveniently 2022

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How To Get Approval By Adsense – People are getting confused to know how long it takes AdSense to get approved. Here we shared some interesting facts that normally people avoid implementing.

How To Get Approval By Adsense Conveniently 2022

How To Get Approval By Adsense conveniently 2022

Adsense is a platform that is run by google where site publishers post their texts, images, and videos. Adsense offers Ads to place on publishers’ sites. Publishers get paid when the visitors click on Ads that have been displayed on their sites.

Getting approval isn’t that much easy for beginners. However, bloggers are concerned to know the exact eligibility criteria for getting Adsense approved. Nevertheless, we shared some important guidelines by which it becomes easy to get AdSense approved.

Adsense Requirements For Bloggers

Every blogger keeps an eye looking at the important requirements needed to fix issues and get approval. We highly recommend studying this field before taking an initiative. People might think it’s very easy to get approval and start earning online but it doesn’t work that much. You should have the patience to build your site and make it look professional. It takes time but once it reaches its peak, you will get paid for it. The requirements for getting Adsense approval are:

  • Create an account.
  • Sign in to your account.
  • Create some pages including privacy policy, terms & conditions, disclaimer, about us, contact us, DMCA and sitemap.
  • You should write at least 25-30 posts.
  • Each post should contain a minimum of 600 words.
  • You should write all of your content by yourself (not plagiarized).
  • Design images or videos by yourself or rather ask the author for permission to use them on your site.
  • Each article should have a minimum of 30-50 unique visitors.
  • If you are on BlogSpot, it can take Adsense approx. 6 months to approve the site. Buying a domain can enhance the progress of getting approval fast.
  • Have a look at some professional sites to get an idea of how to set the layout.
  • Sign up for an Adsense account.
  • Log in to your Adsense account.
  • Add the Adsense code to your site.
  • Send a request to Adsense to review your site.
  • Wait 1-2 weeks until AdSense reviews your site.

Following the above Adsense requirements for bloggers, guidelines are based on experience based. Hence, everyone can make their site approved if followed the correct path we shared.

How To Check if My Adsense Account is Approved

It is mandatory to send a request for approval to Adsense to review your site which is necessary to┬ácheck whether your Adsense account is approved or not yet. Normally it takes 1-2 weeks to get a response from Adsense. Be patient once you send an approval request. If AdSense found some violation or error on your site, you will be notified by email to fix them. If Adsense didn’t find out any violation, it will provide you with some ads with best wishes along with a congratulatory email.

How Much Traffic Required For Adsense Approval 2021

There are several options to focus on so that you will be able to get your site approved. Your site should contain a minimum of 25-30 posts. Every single post should contain at least 600 words along with 30-50 visitors each. Besides that, all of your posts should be plagiarism free or you should take permission from the author to use their work to avoid copyright infringement.

What To Do If Adsense Can’t Approve Your Site

There is much variety of aspects through which Adsense can’t approve your site. Make sure you follow the guidelines we shared above stepwise. Apart from that, have a look at your AdSense account if there are some issues regarding your site. Try to fix them before submitting a request to Adsense for approval. If you do have an error related to the “seller information” then click here to view an article on how to fix it. In addition to this, click here to read an article on how to fix an error “earning at risk

For further assistance, please click here to know the eligibility requirements for Adsense.

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