Is Madonna Gay? Why Do People Think Madonna is Gay?

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Is Madonna Gay? Why do people think she’s gay? On October 9, 2022, Madonna, an American singer and songwriter, who holds many awards left people bewildered by sharing a video on her official verified TikTok account. Immediately, the video shared by the superstar singer went viral and got many views within a few hours. People wonder and raise their questions about her gesture after watching her latest video.

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Is Madonna Gay? What Made People Think She’s Gay?

Madonna Louise Ciccone, an American singer, songwriter, and actress, recently posted a 15 seconds video on her official account that left people thinking she’s gay. The “Queen of Pop” singer is holding up what appears to be pink panties and captions the video “If I miss, I’m gay”. Then, she throws the material towards the trash bin, misses, raises her hand, and mugs at the camera. Also, she said during an interview to advocate in 1991, “I think everyone has a bisexual nature”. The famous singer’s gesture and act in the video left people baffled and wondering about it. The video consequently went viral and became a trend that shows Madonna has come out as gay in tiktok video.

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