Jack Harlow Flirting with Dua Lipa at Variety Event

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On December 4th, 2022, American star rapper Jack Harlow was caught on camera flirting with an English singer Dua Lipa at Variety’s Hitmakers Honor. Page Six disseminated the news about the two stars dating. The magazine broke the news and posted that the Albanian singer, previously linked to Trevor Noah, is now dating a famous rapper, Jackman Thomas Harlow. The pair were seen chatting and posing together for the shoot. Also, both of them were spotted laughing together at the Hitmaker’s lunch. Immediately, the news went viral on social media about the two young stars.

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Harlow, 24, also released an album featuring a song about the British singer, titled “Dua Lipa”. Some insiders said they were constantly communicating and seemed very excited about being together. Also, other sources claim the pair used to slip through a private entrance and were seen leaving the dining area. As per a source close to Harlow, “he is going to do his best, as he has always been a fan of her.”

The young rapper revealed that he called Dua lipa, 27, on FaceTime before the album was released. After the young pair meet up together in person, the star lady appeared smitten with the charming rapper. However, Dua received her “Hitmakers of the Year” award for “Cold Heart” at the Variety event.

A video is trending on social media in which both the stars are seen together.

Page Six disseminated the news and allegedly reported about the so-called couple that they started dating each other.

According to “Page Seven”, Jack Harlow and Dua lipa might not be dating because no evidence is being shown. “respect lipa’s privacy” the magazine added. Hence, the rumors of the two stars meeting at the event are being considered as dating, which has now become a trend.

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