Oak Island Money Pit Hidden Mystery

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Today, we are much focused on the oak island money pit hidden mystery complete to share with all of you. We will cover all of the importance and basics starting from the beginning to till date.

The Oak Island Money Pit Hidden Mystery


It is a privately owned island in Lunenburg County Nova Scotia. CANADA. It’s been a very curious hidden mystery. A very popular and famous place due to its buried mystery treasure. Many people have been trying for more than a hundred years to locate the exact location and get that treasure. Few of them lost their lives in this greed. It has been written in many magazines, newspapers, and channels regarding this treasure located in Canada but who buried it, why.

In 1795, an oak island’s the hidden mystery


When people assumed that 224 years ago (1795), there were children’s bustling saw an extreme ditched. They started digging it to find out if there was something that had been dug. But after some time they gave up and started filling it with the soil. They didn’t know the place where the treasure was located. There was a man ”John Nicholas” a boater who had a map that he had given to his grandchild ”Daniel” and advised him to go and find the treasure following this map. But, unfortunately, the map burned in the house where Daniel used to live. Therefore, Daniel couldn’t find the exact location.

After many years, Samuel Ball hid himself during American Revolutionary War and lived near that location. After some time, suddenly he became rich. Not only Samuel Ball but all of those who lived became rich. People knew that this island could make them rich. It has been noticed that many folks tried hard to locate the mystery treasure on the island but they couldn’t find it and some lost their lives rather. 

The Curse of Oak Island

The two brothers Rick and Marty have been trying for many years digging in the island to locate the oak island the money pit hidden mystery treasure. They are continuously working on digging deep in the entire oak island and started a programthe curse of oak island. People call this island ”the curse” because the reason is, those who try to have this privileged treasure must have to pay for it as previously happened with people who lost their lives.

Some people think in ancient times there were Pirates who used to steal money and hide digging under the ground. The main two pirates Captain James Anderson and Captain Williams are prominent. Because they had stolen money and hid it in the oak island. 

Next Theory of the Oak Island Money Pit

Another theory is, the France princess had precious jewelry and diamonds that she handed over to her maid. She was worried about her precious treasure not losing it. People often say her maid was captured in the oak island last time. She might have dug that treasure under the ground.

Nevertheless, there are so many different reviews are published but it is confirmed that the mystery treasure (the money pit) is located at the oak island and has been dug by someone under the ground.

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Oak Island Money Pit Hidden Mystery
Oak Island OSM.png by  Oaktree b, CC BY-SA 4.0 <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/4.0>, via Wikimedia Commons


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