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There are multiple ways to earn money online. But, Online earning from Adfly can be a very simple and easy method even if you have no experience and no skills.

The only requirement is to be consistent to get more money from it.


This is the platform that provides a simple and easy way to earn money online by shrinking your link and sharing it on social networks. As long as visitors click on the link and view ads then you will get the amount of money depending on the number of visitors.

How To Create an ADFLY Account

You can create your Adfly account by clicking on the link here
After clicking on the link you will get a form to create your Adfly account.
They will ask you to write your information on the form to meet all of the requirements.
You have to link your Adfly account with your PayPal, Payoneer, or Payza for Monetization.

After your submission, you will be notified of the confirmation email to make sure you are the right person.

After registration has been done, you can now use your account to log into the adfly.

Now you are all done, just follow the method of how to shrink your link to make it short and send it anywhere you want.

You will be able to see the shrink option displayed on the main menu of adfly after logging in. Just copy the link you want to share with your friends or social network and paste it into the shrink option. Now you will see that your link has been shortened. it is now ready to use anywhere you want to send whether it is whats-app, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube comments, etc. Also, you will be allowed to see your earnings detail.

Minimum Withdrawal Amount from ADFLY

The minimum pay-out withdrawal amount is 5$. After reaching this amount you can withdraw it anytime you want. This is how you can earn online from ADFLY and hence you can withdraw your money easily.

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