Pakistan Covid Vaccine Pakvac Project Ended

Pakistan Covid Vaccine Pakvac Project Ended

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The Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac project which was started in 2021 has come to an end with more than 20 million doses. The vaccine is designed to fight pandemics. The government partnered with the Chinese Covid-19 producer CanSinoBio to manufacture local-based vaccines in Pakistan.

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Pakistan Covid Vaccine Pakvac Project Ended

The co-production at NIH (National Institute of Health) along with the CanSino has successfully finished on Monday, March 28, 2022. There were more than 20 million doses prepared throughout this journey. The farewell ceremony was held on March 31st, 2022. The function was attended by a large number of workers and officers.

Professor Aamer Ikram (Executive Director, NIH), Ghazala Perveen (Cheif BPD, NIH), Muhammad Firdous Nawaz Khan (Senior Engineer), Syeda Shazia Adeel (Qa Manager), Rafique Ahmad Channa (Qc Manager), Rahim Shah (PSSO), Amina Najam (SSO), Khalid Mahmood (Scientific Officer), Hafiz Suboor ul Hassan (Scientific Officer), Hina Fatima (ASO), Kanwal Batool (ASO), Atif Ahmad (Medical Technologist) also participated in it.

At NIH, Professor Amir Ikram (Executive Director) thanked the entire team working on the Covid-19 project. On this occasion, he commended the entire team for completing this project.

Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac Team

Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac Team

Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac Team

What is PakVac?

Pakistan Covid Vaccine Pakvac was launched in 2021 with the help of Chinese company CanSinoBio. This is an intramuscular injection given into the muscles. CanSino is a Chinese company that produces vaccines against coronavirus disease (Covid-19). The company injects antibodies to stimulate the immune system to prevent further attacks and inevitable. Medical reports after the research conducted say that the Pakistan vaccine will operate in the same way.

Government Collaboration with the Chinese CanSinoBio Covid-19 Producer

Professor Aamer Ikram (NIH’s Executive Director) acquainted international media that this is a co-production with the Cansino in Pakistan. According to him, The Chinese company provided vaccines concentrate. Hence, the plant was developed, processed, and packed. Furthermore, he also acknowledged the Chinese company that had transferred some of its techniques and was overseeing activities.

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Efficacy and Side Effects of Pakistan Covid Vaccine Pakvac

As per Dr. Faisal Sultan’s statements, Trails in Pakistan showed a promising efficacy rate which is 74.8%. He stated that efficacy at preventing symptomatic cases is 74.8% while 100% at preventing severe disease.

On the other hand, Dr. Jamil (the Pro Bono Adviser to the National Command and Operation Centre) in Pakistan said that there is no need for any concerns about drastic side effects. It is advised that those with allergic reactions hold off on taking the Pakistan vaccines. However, there is no other warning associated with PakVac.

Who is Allowed to Get These Vaccines?

Although, despite following the SOPS but still The Pakistan covid vaccine Pakvac is allowed to be used in certain circumstances as a precautionary measure. Thus, People with allergic reactions or frequent fevers are advised to avoid taking it. Those with comorbidities, above 60, or other risk citizens are highly preferred to be the first to receive the vaccine.

What is the Cost of PacVac?

It is officially announced that Pakistan Covid Vaccine PakVac will be offered fully cost-free to people. All you need to do is to register yourself before taking vaccines. 

Nevertheless, Simply just send your CNIC no to 1166 (free SMS) from any mobile network or, or just walk into your nearest vaccination center.

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