Publish Seller Information Json File

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Publish Seller Information Json File


You might have seen a notification “we encourage you to publish seller information JSON in the Google sellers.json file. Visit the account settings page to review your current visibility status” to fix it. If not yet, you may experience it in the future. Here we will show how to fix the Google Adsense seller.json file.

You might be thinking it just happened to you and what to do with this notification from AdSense. But, don’t you worry about any single thing. Because this notification shows to everyone. All you need to do is just follow the steps given below to figure out things. To learn more click here.
We encourage you to publish your seller information in the Google sellers.json file


How to Publish Seller Information Json in The Google Sellers.json File

  • Sign in to your Adsense account
  • There you will see a notification from Adsense
  • Click on ‘Action
  • After clicking on ‘Action’, You will be directed to the “Account Information”
  • The page will look like this shown below

Publish Seller Information Json File

The following Publisher ID and Customer ID have been hidden due to security reasons. Kindly neglect it.

    Account Information

  • In Account information, you will be able to see the Seller information visibility.
  • First, you will see that the selected option is Confidential.
  • All you need to do is just make it Transparent.
  • You will see that after making it transparent, It will be saved automatically.


This is not done yet, You must be thinking about what to do with the Business domain under the Seller information visibility.
Just put your domain URL address in the Business domain. For example “” and you will see your changes are saved automatically. 
Note: Avoid using HTTP// or HTTPS// and type your domain if you have anyone. It should be written in the same format as given in the example above.
Now, you are done by your side after these changes. Don’t get confused if the notification is not disappeared immediately. Because it takes time for Adsense to look at these changes. So, be patient.
In some cases, the Seller information visibility option doesn’t appear to some bloggers. They can get confused about what to do in case of having no option there. There are two things I would like to talk about that are mentioned below.
  1. They might get the same option “Seller information visibility” very soon.
  2. In the meantime, I would suggest sending “Feedback” to Adsense along with your issue. They will make the Seller information visible for you so that you can make changes by following the above steps.
We encourage you to publish your seller information in the Google sellers.json file
You can even learn more regarding the sellers.json file by clicking on “Learn more” in your AdSense account notification.
We encourage you to publish your seller information in the Google sellers.json file
Now, you will be directed to the Google page after clicking on the learning more option where you can read and learn more about the published seller information in the google sellers.json file. Thus, you can make an idea of what to do exactly.

Publish Seller Information Json File Conclusion

We covered how to rid of this error through stepwise guidelines along with the images to make it even easier to understand. As a result, you will get figure out this issue.

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