Shoulder Wednesday Workout for Men

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In this tutorial, We are concerned about the Men’s shoulder Wednesday workout. We will be covering some basic exercises using equipment at the gym.

Shoulder Wednesday Workout for Men

Shoulder Wednesday Workout for Men

Note:- Before starting any exercise, warm up your body to get ready for your muscles properly and to avoid the inevitable. Starting with a warm-up helps your body to stretch your muscles and prevents it from an involuntary contraction of muscles during your workout.
Many people ignore warming up their bodies. As a result, they pay to suffer a lot. Sweat your muscles, and your body to have an extra positive result as the best result comes to those who sweat a lot.
Today we will be covering the best Wednesday shoulder workout routine at the gym.

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Wednesday – Most people love to do shoulder workouts especially builders in bulk or for competition. A shoulder workout helps to have a prominent look in body muscles whether it is the front deltoid, deltoid medial, or rear deltoid. Most of the senior trainers do suggest being focused 100% while doing shoulder exercises as it could not be that much easy the way other exercises are. Although, competitors are well known for how to perform their equipment and how to deal with the weight still they are caring during this workout as it could lead to very difficult.
Especially, beginners should weigh light according to their stamina but as they get to know the exact strategies should go for building the weight.
Here are some guidelines that have been shown including sets & repetitions:

Shoulder Workout For Men

Arnold Press (4 sets, 15 reps)

  • Use a seated bench
  • Sit on the bench and use two dumbbells
  • Grab a dumbbell in each hand straight up
  • Come back switch your elbow in the boxing position keeping dumbbells straight on your face
  • Turn back and repeat it until you complete 3 x 15

EZ Bar Front Raises (4 sets, 15 reps)

  • Use a rod
  • stand up straight while holding the rod in your hands
  • Keep straight your arms lift the rod move away
  • Come back to the starting position
  • Repeat it nice and slow until you have done your repetitions

Standing Barbell Press (4 sets, 8-10 reps)

  • Use a wide rod
  • Hold it with your hands according to the size of your wide shoulder
  • lift the rod all the way up
  • Come back close to your shoulder without moving your body
  • Repeat it 4 sets and 8-10 repetitions

Super-set (4 sets)

Super-sets are done in three stages i.e. side raises, bend overflies, and upright rows. Each stage should be done with 4 sets and 10 repetitions.
Side raises – Hold the dumbbell in each hand, side raise your elbows, and come down
Bend over flies – Hold the dumbbell in each hand, go up squeeze and come down while bending yourself
Upright rows – Hold the dumbbell in each hand, go up squeeze and come down

Face Pull (3 sets, 15-20 reps)

  • This is the exercise that is going to be done using a cable wire
  • Stand up straight in front of the equipment you are going to use
  • Hold it with both of your hands flex your elbows squeezing your shoulder right after your face
  • Repeat it nice and slow until all 3 sets and 15-20 repetitions are done
Consuming protein supplements or taking a proper and adequate diet can lead to good results in muscles. Therefore, It is suggested to calculate your protein Recommended Daily Amount to get know the actual need of protein you should consume a day.

How Do You Calculate Protein RDA

Your weight x 0.8 = RDA (Protein)


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