The Month of Ramadan And Its Blessings

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We will cover an article on the month of Ramadan and its blessings. Ramadan is the most superior and 9th month in the Islamic calendar.


The Month of Ramadan And Its Blessings


The Month of Ramadan And Its Blessings


Word Ramadan is derived from ”Ramaz” which means burn with heat. The name of months was derived from old Arabic speakers according to the session. By chance, it was very hot when Ramadan came this month. That’s why it is known as Ramadan. The doors of Jannah are opened as this Month starts while devils are prisoned. This is the month in which ”nafl” is equal to the ”Farz” which is considered a religious responsibility or moral obligation while ”Farz” tends to increase 70 times more.

This is the month in which the first 10 days are considered as ”Rehmat”, 10-20 days are ”Maghfirat” and the last 10 days are considered as ”to get salvation from hell.”

1500 bounties are written as a reward for those who do even a single Qayyum on the night of this month. A very important benefit of Ramadan is that a person is getting addicted to the salah which is very necessary for terms of Islam. But it should be done with much focus and concentration. To know exactly how to concentrate in salah, click here to read an article where it has been written in detail about how to concentrate in Salah.

Those who keep the first Fast of Ramadan will get free of all the sins they committed before.

This is the month in which ALLAH Almighty looks mercy to his creation and forgives all sins. This is the month for which Janna is decorated all year.

Holy Prophet said If my ”Ummah” knows how superior Ramadan is so they would wish this month retained all year.

Ramadan is the month of consent and patience.

This is the month in which a person who Iftaar those with a Fast would get forgiveness. A person will never be asked a question in the grave after his death in Ramadan. Those who sleep during a fast in the month of Ramadan are also considered as worship. The most mentioned month in the Holy Quran. 60 Thousand sinners get released from hell during this month. 1 million sinners get released from hell at every moment in every Jumma during the month of Ramadan. This is the month in which there is a single night that is the most superior to thousands of other nights and that is known as ”Laila Tul Qadar”. Doing worship this night is equal to ”doing worship thousand of months.”

The Holy Quran in Ramadan


The Holy Quran came down in this month and a month in which ”Aitakaaf” is Sunnah in the last 10 days. This is the most privileged month of blessings and forgiveness.

May God Almighty help us to fulfill the obligations of fasting in Ramadan and to do as many good deeds as possible in this month.

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